Car camera TRACER MobiMirror FHD V2 PRO

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Tracer MobiMirror FHD V2 PRO – Your irreplaceable travel companion

The Tracer MobiMirror FHD V2 Pro Car Camcorder will help you feel safer on the road than ever before. The Tracer MobiMirror device will be useful not only for recording beautiful routes and landscapes, but primarily as evidence in the event of an accident or other traffic incident. A large 5” display makes it easy to use.

• High-quality Full HD videos.
• Two cameras – front and rear – mean twice as much recording area and more evidence in the event of a dangerous incident while on the road.
• G-Sensor – event detection sensor.
• Easy installation – camera clips over the rear-view mirror.

Great picture in high quality Full HD
The camcorder will record an accident, a collision or an irresponsible behaviour of another road user. And all this in high-definition Full HD – every detail will be clearly visible regardless of the time of day or weather conditions, which will make you even better protected against dishonest road users. The Tracer MobiMirror Car Camcorder is your personal witness on the road.

Parking support
Tracer MobiMirror device with the in-built rear camera allows you to observe the rear of the car when reversing, which may be helpful, for example, during risky parking manoeuvres in a narrow space. The Tracer MobiMirror Car Camcorder offers 170 degree view with the front camera and 120 degree view with the rear one, so that everything in front of and behind your car will be clear and visible.

Event detection function
An undeniable advantage of the Tracer MobiMirror device is also the G-sensor which reacts to overloads caused by collisions, bumps on the road or accidents. The camcorder equipped with such a sensor protects the recording against deletion in the event of a dangerous incident. Additionally, the camera records in a loop, which means you will never run out of space on the memory card.

Quick and convenient installation
The Tracer MobiMirror Car Camcorder is an easy-to-mount adapter that fits onto a standard rear-view mirror. This way you can quickly and easily install the camcorder in your car. The camcorder saves your videos on a microSD memory card and converts them using the popular H.264 compression standard. Tracer MobiMirror FHD V2 Pro is an irreplaceable companion on every journey.