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■New Bluetooth 5.0, Blue Xun 5616 Bluetooth solution
■ Bluetooth effective distance ≥ 10m
■The best call distance within 10m
■Headset maximum power 5mW
Headset amplifier type: chip built-in
■ Audio signal-to-noise ratio: S/N ≥90dB
■ Frequency response:50Hz~20KHz
■ Speaker unit: Φ6mm@32ohm titanium membrane dynamic coil
■Built-in battery: lithium battery: headphones: 3.7V / 25mAh rechargeable base: 3.7V / 450mAh
■Music time: about 3 hours (80% volume)
■ Talk time: about 3 hours (80% volume)
■Charging input standard: Type-c DC5V, 1000mA
■Charging time: Headset head lithium battery 3.7V, 25mAh Charging compartment: 300mAh
■Battery cycle life Charging and discharging cycle ≥ 300 times after the capacity is 80% of the initial capacity
■Sound system: stereo
■ Bluetooth operating frequency: 2.402GHz-2.480GHz
■Receiving sensitivity: 88dB±3dB &1kHz
■Active and passive:Active
■Size: Charging case size: 53X53X32mm
Headphone size: 40X20X25mm
■Weight: 40g   
■Body material: ABS