Pressure washer Tracer Carwasher 1400W

Κωδικός : TRANRZ46622

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: Tracer

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The TRACER CARWASHER 1400W pressure washer is a versatile device that may be used during house cleaning or washing of surfaces of different pieces of equipment. Using this washer, you will be able to wash both your car and the façade of your house, your patio or your stairs.

TRACER CARWASHER, thanks to the water flow rate of 300 l/h and pressure of 90 Bar, not only significantly reduces cleaning time, but also uses up much less water than a garden hose, thus reducing costs of the cleaning process.

The set, apart from the device itself, includes a high-pressure hose, a lance, a gun, a rotating (TURBO) nozzle, an inlet filter and a detergent tank.

It is relatively lightweight (5.5 kg), has an ergonomic handle and a lance and hose fixing system, which allows you to easily move the device around while cleaning or during transport.

The Quick Connect connection allows you to connect the washer to the water source in a flash, and the inlet filter protects the device from undesired pollutants that may penetrate into the washer from the hose.