XO BGD006 / LS-90-6 3.5'' Disc Base Single Head 3 In 1(With Microphone Hose Clamp) Website Broadcast

Κωδικός : 16.001.0062

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: Xo

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【Product Standard】: Hose clip, with phone clip
【Product material】: Aluminium alloy+ABS
【Product color】: black/white
【Product size】: "Outer diameter :9 cm、 Inner diameter :5 cm、 Thickness :2 cm
【Product weight】: Net weight 1.05kg、package size:33*17*4cm
【qty/carton】: 20pcs/ctn、weight21.5KG、carton size:43x36x34cm
【power supply mode】: USB power supply
【Number of Lamp beads】: 24pcs
【lamplight】: cold and warm white3800-6800K
【Position 】: third gear light adjustment. Can dim brightness
【Lamp Power 】: LED 12W 3800K 2006LM 6800K 2006LM
【Power supply mode 】: Input 5V 50/60HZ