XO CZ003 High-Pressure Water Gun 5M

Κωδικός : 16.008.0022

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: Xo

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■Material: ABS+PC+Aluminum alloy
■Surface technology: sandblasting + anodizing
■Water pipe: 5 meters before water injection, 15 meters after water injection (pressurized telescopic water pipe is convenient for storage)
■Water pipe material: inner pipe 6*9.5TPE+ outer cover of high-strength silk cloth + imitation copper joints.
■Single key switch: when the water pressure reaches 0.4mpa, the range is about 8M, when the water pressure reaches 0.6mpa, the range is about 10m
■Switch pressing life: 1500 times
■Accessories: water pipe 1PCS, water gun body 1PCS, multi-purpose adapter 1PCS, water tape 1 circle.
■Weight: 890±10g