XO GB008 Lightning To HDMI +USB2K 1080P (USB Charging)

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: Xo

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■XO-GB008 Lightning input HDMI output (+USB power supply) 2K(60Hz)/1080P
■Cable length: 1.8±0.05M Weight: 53±3G
Data exchange and audio transmission cable: support Lightning input, HDMI output + support USB input
Support resolution: HDMI 2K(60Hz)/1080P, backward compatible resolution
Support hot swap, easy to use, easy to carry. 5V DC/≤1A
■Wire core: power cord 28#: 7/0.12*2C (tinned copper TC, stranding distance below 15MM. Black/red diameter 0.7±0.1mm, material TPE
Signal line 28#: 7/0.12*4C (tinned copper TC, stranded distance below 10MM. Red/black/white/green, diameter 0.7±0.1mm, material PE/PP) PVC OD: 4.0mm black gray braid
■Material: PVC and PC+ABS brand new materials
■Function compatibility test: IOS mobile phone/tablet conducts data transmission function test.
■Note: USB must be powered before it can be used
■Certification requirements: FCC, ROHS, CE
■Color: black