XO HUB002 USB-C Multi Adapter 5in1

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: Xo

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■ Support TYPE C input and HDMI output
■ Support resolution: Support HDMI 3840*2160/30Hz
■ Support hot swap, easy to use and easy to carry. ■ Compatible with most computers, mobile phones and tablets
■ USB3.0 supports 5G data transmission and the reading speed is between 3000-3200Mb/s, and the writing speed is:
Between 2800-3000Mb/s, (this test data is related to the test computer configuration and the storage device used for reading and writing)
: USB*3/TTYPE-C port 5V/1A, total output 5V/3A (MAX)
■ Support hot swap, easy to use, easy to carry. TYPE-C PD has only uplink charging function, no data transmission. PD charging function power up to 100W MAX. Voltage output bin (Type C) (5V/9V/15/20V) )
■ Material: PC+Aluminum Alloy ■ Size: 230*28*10MM ■ Weight: 37G