XO NBR202 Bluetooth Receiving Cable (Bluetooth Adapter Cable,No Charging) 1m

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: Bluetooth Transmitters

: Xo

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■Cable length: coil 105mm, leave 135mm at both ends Weight: 16g
■Material: Zinc alloy shell
■Connector material: 150A TPE rubber black
■Wire core: 16/0.08 enameled wire + 250D*3C (this. red, blue) 135mm at both ends, straightened 1M black TPU slingshot wire OD2.3 coiled wire outer diameter 9.1mm coiled wire 105mm
■Function: Bluetooth pairing: XO-NB-R202 (USB is the power supply port, receive signals through Bluetooth, 3.5 heads output signals)
■Model production: USB to 3.5 head (Bluetooth version 5.0)
■Color: Pearl nickel-zinc alloy shell + black plastic